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This is Frank J. Goldsmith Jr..  Frank's father is young "Frankie Goldsmith", and his grandfather, Frank John Goldsmith, was a Titanic victim who was not identified.  Frank, like many Titanic descendants, supports our program with hopes that his grandfather might be one of the Unknowns.  


Frank Goldsmith, with wife Emily, sons Frankie and Bertie

The Addergoole 14

The tiny village of Lahardane, and surrounding villages all in the Addergoole District, County Mayo, Ireland saw 14 sons and daughters leave to board Titanic.  Three were saved, one was identified and buried at sea.  Every April 15, 2:20 AM, the village remembers their own.  Many of the village today are related to those 11 who were not identified.


Welcome sign for the village of Lahardane, County Mayo, Ireland

Addergoole memorial.jpg

The Addergoole Memorial, Lahardane, County Mayo, Ireland

Promotional segment filmed in Lahardane, featuring The Addergoole Memorial Service from April 2019, Tommy Canavan (nephew of Pat Canavan) and Toss Gibbons, Lahardane storyteller.

Our friend Bob Burr, UK, holds a photo of his grandfather, Ewart Burr, Titanic Steward.  Bob's story will be shared in our documentary series - and it is one that all who appreciate the Titanic story will want to hear.  

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Both Frank Goldsmith and Bob Burr hope that we identify their grandfathers, so that they can honor them in Halifax.

Many Titanic descendants have joined with us, shared their family stories, and even offered to submit DNA when that time comes.  If you are a Titanic family member, let us help you find out if your unidentified relative is in Halifax with the 42 Unknowns.

Titanic Requiem MAIDEN VOYAGE.mp3Robin Gibb and RJ Gibb
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