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Components of Project NAME THEM ALL

During the RECOVERY COMPONENT, our team, led by an experienced Forensic Anthropologist, will respectfully and carefully seek a small sample of material from which a viable DNA sample can be obtained.  Samples will be properly prepped and sent to the labs for sequencing.  The project will return each site to a condition approved by the authority, and in some cases, provide upgrades offered in our discussions with those representatives.

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With the TESTING COMPONENT, the prepped samples will be tested by two independent facilities, each specializing in DNA testing.  The two samples will be sequenced by both aDNA and DNA processes in order to obtain the fullest genetic fingerprint as possible.  By using two independent facilities, we are able to provide confirmation and verification of all results.


The HISTORY TEAM will be communicating with Titanic families and tracking down current relatives for those victims that may be possible IDs for each Unknown.  There were approximately 1200 victims that were not identified in 1912.  In addition, our history team will offer historical vignettes to the production team and provide expertise for the documentary series.

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Our PRODUCTION PARTNERS will be totally committed to the importance of this project, and allowing Titanic families to claim their loved ones.  Stories from Halifax, Southampton, Belfast, Lahardane, and towns and cities in the US, Canada and the UK will share the lesser known stories of third class and crew.  

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There are many individuals that have come together - too many to list here - that will make this project an exciting chapter in the Titanic story.  Each shows the respect and integrity necessary for a project of this magnitude.  All of our team understand our number one objective is to give these victims the only gift that we can give them - their names.

Titanic Requiem FAREWELL (THE IMMIGRANT Robin Gibb and RJ Gibb
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