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The Titanic victims are buried in three cemeteries in the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  The city has nobly honored and cared for these victims since the first day of arrival.

FAIRVIEW LAWN cemetery is under the care of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

In 2001, a recovery was made to determine the identity of The Unknown Child.  Led by Dr. Alan Ruffman and Dr. Ryan Parr, and after several tests during the beginning years of DNA testing, The Unknown Child was identified as Sidney Leslie Goodwin.

unknown identified.jpg

MOUNT OLIVET cemetery is under the care of the Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth.

mount olivet.jpg
MO cemetery.jpg

BARON de HIRSCH cemetery is also known as the Beth Israel Synagogue cemetery, and is under the care of that Synagogue's Board of Governors.

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