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What is Project NAME THEM ALL?

Project Name Them All is a plan to recover DNA from the 42 Unknown Victims of the Titanic disaster buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Using state of the art technology, genetic sequences from the victims will be compared with sequences of current family members - grandchildren and great grandchildren, great nieces and nephews, cousins, and more - for the purpose of identifying those victims. 


We seek to give these victims the ONE true gift they deserve - their identities.

Remembering the Lost
No. 254.  Male - Height 6ft.  Weight 180 lbs.  Age - about 45;
Hair - sandy; Moustache - sandy.
Tattoos: Left arm - Woman's bust and Union Jack; also a woman in kilts. Right arm - Man's head (cowboy); clasped hands and heart (true love) and flower. 
Probably a sailor.
On this site, DISCOVER our project; LEARN the Halifax impact on the Titanic story;  SEE how Halifax cares for the Titanic victims today; HEAR and READ the endorsements of our project; and JOIN our efforts with your endorsement.
If you are a Titanic family member of a victim who was never identified, please talk with us - could your Titanic family member be one of the 42 Unknowns?
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